How to Order

  1. Write to us at or head over to the contact us page and tell us about which wedding invitation you love and would like to place an order for along with the content/words you’d like inside your card and the amount of cards you require (The minimum order you need to place is for 200 cards). Too lazy? We'll write the content for you :)

  2. Make the payment for your order. At the moment we only accept payments via netbanking/NEFT. Payments through PayTm & other methods will be accepted by us very soon. 

  3. We’ll keep you updated about the status of your order. 

  4. Once printed, we’ll package and ship your order to your doorstep within a maximum of 10 business days from the date you placed the order. In case you need your order delivered within 2-4 days, do check with us as our delivery partners may be able to make it happen provided you're ready to pay extra for quicker delivery. 


Note : Please go through our "FAQs", "Terms and Conditions" & "Privacy Policy" thoroughly. 
Note : If you take time giving us the specifications, then there will be a delay. Right? Hai na?