About us

Our goal is to bring wedding invitations with great designs to the thousand of homes across India, specially those who can't access them through their local retailers. Carded Love uses the finest inks, paper and printing methods to make the wedding cards you can unflinchingly share with your loved ones, modestly, or with an intention to make them jealous. Carded Love's designs are intended to make you fall in love with the idea of showing off the mood you want to set for your most special wedding celebrations.

Carded Love is present in all cities through India where delivery is possible. We take great joy in making world class designs available to you, right till your doorstep. If you choose to go ahead with our quality designs, which are priced to fit almost everyone's budget, you'll never have to bug your friend, sit long nights trying to DIY, spend hours at your local retailer or simply settle for something that "works". 

If you're soon to be married, whether or not you become our customer, we would just like to say congratulations! We truly hope you have the most splendid celebrations. 

Designs for everyone

Our objectives

We want to cater to everyone who may be looking to buy wedding invitations. Many like florals whereas many like something simple enough to just get the word out, which is why our primary focus is towards making designs as different as possible.  


We love listening to what kind of wedding cards the newlyweds would like, learn what kind of people they are and perhaps make suggestions suited more towards their personality. We believe that you can't make your customers feel loved if your operations are very mechanical. 


Carded Love is about everyone, so it's only natural to be everywhere. To bring joy, relief and solutions to places where well designed wedding cards were very difficult to find is truly something that gives us immense joy.


We value our customers time, which is why we have a simple order process, where you just specify the details required and we do the rest. We only partner with companies who ensure your order reaches very fast and perfectly intact. To show you how important this is to us, we don't charge our customers a shipping fee.